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SCD Pairs and Singles playdowns coverage

The singles playdowns began Wednesday(4-7) at Bell.

April 7(day 1 singles playdowns)
There are 10 men and 4 women trying to become the SCD players going to the US Championships in Oct. There were 4 men and 1 woman at 2-0 at the end of the 1st day.

April 8
      After the 2nd day, Dora Stewart finished strong to win her game 21-19
to become the SCD women's singles winner. Congratulations Dora.
Jack Behling at 4-0 leads the men with Jim Rogers, Bill Pearson and Ernie Alfoldi at 3-1.

April 9

      On the 3rd day a couple newcomers find themselves at the top along with a veteran at 5-1. Ernie Alfoldi beat Jim Copeland and Grant Summers while Jim Rogers defeated Lynn Canivez and Jack Behling.

April 10

     After the 4th day, with 1 game left, there are 3 players with a chance to win. Jack Behling is 7-1 with Jim Rogers and Ernie Alfoldi right behind at 6-2. Jack plays Ernie and Jim plays Scott Peterson in the final game.  The only other game necessary to be played is Grant Summers and Jim Copeland.

April 11

On the final day Jack Behling bested Ernie Alfoldi to become the SCD men's playdown singles winner. Ernie finished in a tie with Jim Rogers at 6-3. Jim won the playoff game. Here are the final results:


Singles - 1st - Jack Behling  2nd - Jim Rogers   3rd - Ernie Alfoldi

Pairs - 1st - Hitchcock/Souza  2nd -Behling/Pearson  3rd- Benstead/Enockson


Singles - 1st - Dora Stewart  2nd - Irene Webster  3rd- Nancy Davidson

Pairs - 1st - Wood/Hitchcock  2nd - Stewart/Masterson  3rd- Webster/Denton

   Dora Stewart            Jack Behling

South Central Division pairs playdowns coverage

The winners of this event get to represent the Division at Sun City starting October 24.

On day 3 the men's pairs wrapped up with Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza
defeating Marty Schans and Jim Rogers to finish 5-0 to win their 3rd straight
men's pairs playdowns. Jack Behling and Bill Pearson were 4-1 to
finish 2nd while Tom Benstead and Rich Enockson were 3rd at 3-2.

Final men's results.

On the final day of women's pairs Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock
won their game to finish 5-1 to win their 3rd SCD pairs playdown. Dora
Stewart and Marcia Masterson made a strong comeback to go ahead of
Irene Webster and Diane Denton by 1 with 2 ends to play. Irene drew a shot
on her last bowl in the 17th end to tie. Diane held 1 shot on the 18th end and
Dora narrowly missed on several bowls . Then Dora and Marcia
beat Irene and Diane in a 1 game playoff for 2nd place.


2010 USLBA dues should have been in by 12/31/09. Here are the rules.

If you plan to bowl in a SCD tournament:

Players must be a current member of any USLBA Division or a World Bowls
affiliate-e.g. Canada. World Bowls members who will be visiting the Sun Cities
area for more than 31 days must become a USLBA member.

For club information, please see Club Details.

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