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On behalf of the players, we want to thank the Johnson, Bell, Fairway, Oakmont and Lakeview clubs for

making us feel welcome this week. 

The SCD men's singles and women's pairs finished today Feb 18, 2010.

With 48 players entered, 3rd year players Leo Dusablon and Mike Wagner were matched up in the final.

They both were 6-0 going in leaving a strong field in their rear view mirror. Both players were drawing

beautifully as Wagner jumped out to a 11-7 lead. Dusablon then trailed the jack to the ditch lying 3 and drew

1 more for a 4. Building on that momentum, Dusablon then took control of the game for the win.

In the women's pairs Anne Van Bastelaere and Diane Denton were victorious over Mary Ann Beath and Jackie Tucker.


Leo shows us how it's done

women's pairs champs Diane Denton and Anne Van Bastelaere

Men's singles results(48 players):

1st  Leo Dusablon (Paradise Park)

2nd  Mike Wagner

3rd Keith Roney(Sask)

4th  John Wilson

2F-1  Earl Shaner(FL)

2F-2 Stu MacNaughton

3F-1 Jim Roth

3F-2 Jim Olson(CA)

3F challenge Charlie Herbert(CA)

4F-1 Rich Enockson

4F-2 Jeff Covell(WA)

4F challenge  Joe Murphy

5F-1  Bob Milsom(Paradise Park)

5F-2  Joe Dorsch

5F challenge  Ivo Van Bastelaere

6F-1 Richard Broad(WA)

6F-2  Chris Kennedy(CA)

6F challenge  Bill DesBrisay(SC Grand)

7F-1 Len Rice

7F-2  Tom Slemko

7F challenge Russ Leonard(WA)

Womens Pairs results(24 teams):

1st  Anne Van Bastelaere and Diane Denton

2nd  Mary Ann Beath(Buckeye) and Jackie Tucker

3rd  Pat Harrison and Mary Wright

4th  Marlene Cleutinx and Ann Mathie(BC)

2F-1 Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock

2F-2  Patricia Cronshaw and Carrie Fossati(both CA)

3F-1  Sandy Souza and Ria Wilson

3F-2  Linda VanDenBerg(South Africa) and Dee McSparran(CA)

3F challenge  Regina Banares and Shirley Toneff(Paradise Park)

4F-1  Sue Roth and Julie Foley

4F-2  Glorianne Mather(CEN) and Janice Bell(NWD)

4F challenge  Pauline DeAssis(PIMD) and Dale Davidson 



SCD Open women singles winner- Dee McSparran SCD men's pairs winners - Charlie Herbert and Steve Smith

On the last end of the championship game with the score tied, Bill Pearson watches teammate Jack Behling's
bowl approach the head with a crowd of thousands looking on. In a very exciting finish Charlie drew last shot and Jack was unable to answer with his last bowl. The results of the women's singles and men's pairs
are as follows:

Women's Singles(28 players)
1st-    Dee McSparran(CA)
2nd   Anne Van Bastelaere
3rd    Mary Ann Beath (Buckeye)
4th    Eileen Milsom(Paradise Park)
2F-1  Lorraine Hitchcock
2F-2  Jean Roney(Sask)
3F-1  Sue Roth
3F-2  Carrie Fossati(CA)
3F Challenge- Mary Wright
4F-1 Regina Banares
4F-2 Lucy Jackson(CA)
5F-1 Sandy Souza

Men's Pairs (36 teams)
1st   Charlie Herbert and Steve Smith(both CA)
2nd  Jack Behling and Bill Pearson
3rd   Ivan Hyland and Jim Olson(both CA)
4th   Jim Roth and Jim Foley
2F-1 Keith Roney(Sask) and Al Burdick
2F-2 David Smith and Howard Whitney
3F-1 Hugh Branston and John Wilson
3F-2  Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza
3F challenge  Ivo Van Bastelaere and Ian Halkett
4F-1 Joe Murphy and Mike Wagner
4F-2 Scott Peterson and Grant Summers
5F-1 Jeff Covell and Andy Klubberud(both NWD)
5F-2 David Gardner(Paradise Park) and Tom Slemko
5F Challenge Rich Enockson and Tom Benstead

Chris Davies and Russ Leonard- a couple of bloody good looking chaps ready for a roll up

Triples winners - Frank Souza,  Len Hitchcock,  Don Wood

The last day of men's triples Feb 14 at Lakeview came down to a matchup of two 6-0 teams in the final. The 3 young guns from CA played against 3 old guys from Sun City. The old timers were not to be denied on this day.

The results with 26 teams entered are below with players from Sun City unless noted otherwise.

1st- Len Hitchcock - Frank Souza - Don Wood

2nd - Charlie Herbert - Steve Smith - Bill Brault (all CA)

3rd- Hugh Branston - John Wilson - David Smith(SCW)

4th- Ivo Van Bastelaere - Stu MacNaughton - Ian Halkett

2F-1   Ivan Hyland - Jim Olson - Liam Courtney (all CA)

2F-2  Keith Roney(Sask) - Al Burdick - Bob Malpass

3F-1  Jim Roth- Wray Roth - Jim Foley

3F-2 Scott Peterson - Grant Summers - Dan Christensen(CA)

3F- Challenge - Rob Goldman( MD) - Simon Meyerowitz(CA) - Howard Whitney

4F-1 Joe Murphy - Leo Dusablon(Paradise Park) - Allan Robertson

4F-2 Reinie Kramer(CA) - Bob Schmalholz(CA) - Bob Urquhart

4F Challenge - Bill DesBrisay(SCG) - Rich Ringhofer(SCW)- Jim Rogers(SCW)

l to r  - Ann - Marlene - Pat - Anne

The SCD Women's Four competition finished Feb 14 at Sun City West. The championship match featured Marlene Cleutinx team against Dora Stewart's team. The results with 15 teams entered are as follows:

1st - Marlene Cleutinx - Pat Harrison - Anne Van Bastelaere - Ann Mathie

2nd- Dora Stewart - Kottia Spangler(CA) - Anne Nunes(CA) - Marcia Masterson

3rd - Regina Banares - Linda Vandenburg(South Africa) - Myra Wood - Lorraine Hitchcock

4th - Jeanne Christie - Hazel Reid - Mary Wright - Diane Denton

2F-1  Maryna Hyland(CA) - Irene Webster - Jan Hargraves(CA) - Dee McSparran(CA)

2F-2  Jean Roney(Sask) - Jan MacNaughton - Joan Garwood(Can) - Terry Delaney(Can)

3F-1 Sandy Souza -Shirley Hague - Ria Wilson - Betty Mayne

3F-2  Linda Jahraus - Kim Heiser - Sybil Bernash - Patty Lucas (all CA)

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