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Roberta Lane Open Fours
After the 2nd day of the Roberta Lane Open Fours at SC West, here are the results.

Everyone enjoyed seeing Roberta and the temperature was perfect.

The championship game was tied after 14 ends. In the extra end Jack Behling was able score the winning shot. Players are from Sun City unless noted otherwise. The complete results are:

1st -Jack Behling, Bill Pearson, Marlene Cleutinx, Tom Benstead
2nd- Frank Souza, Ivo Van Bastelaere, Grant Summers, Anne Van Bastelaere
3rd - Rick Marinaccio(SC Grand), Jim and Sherry Rogers(SC West), Ernie Alfoldi(Paradise Park)
4th- Hugh Branston, John and Ria Wilson, Scott Peterson

2nd flight
1st- John Scutt, Mike Ayling, Bill Lang, Doug Morrison(all Paradise Park)
2nd - Jim Roth, Wray Roth, Sue Roth, Verna Roth

3rd flight
1st - Len and Lorraine Hitchcock, Don and Myra Wood
2nd - Norm Dean, Rich Ringhofer, David Reinerstein, Larry Grayson (all SC West)

4th flight
1st - Bob Christie, Dale Davidson, Diane Denton, Denise Marinaccio

Bob Lane Mixed Triples

After 4 games at SC West, here are the results:
As usual, the teams are put in flights with 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 etc.

The final results are below:
1st- Jack Behling,Bill Pearson,Marlene Cleutinx
2nd- Len and Lorraine Hitchcock, Sherry Rogers(SC West)
3rd- Bob and Eileen Milsom(Paradise Park), Regina Banares
4th-Grant Summers,Mary Ann Beath(Buckeye),Scott Peterson

2F-1 John and Ria Wilson, Hugh Branston
2F-2 Norm Dean,Rich Ringhofer,Lina Sims(all SC West)

3F-1 Janice Bell,Chris Davis,Richard Kreuger (all Seattle)
3F-2 Andre Banares, Tom Benstead, Helen Teichman

4F-1 Bill Hardy,Ernie Alfoldi(Paradise Park),Diane Denton
4F-2 Gene Johnson,Lyle Phelps,Wanda Penrod(all SC West)

5F-1 Don and Myra Wood, Richard Bruce
5F-2 John and Jennie Scutt, Bob Hill(Paradise Park)

Thanks to Roberta and Janet for hosting a party after the tournament!

photo by Mary Ann Beath     L to R Bob Hill, Ned Toneff, George Poor, Jim Clark

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