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Jan 9-11-2010 - R Gil Stephan AZ Rinks

With 26 teams  entered,  Keith and Jean Roney (Sask)and Ivan and Maryna Hyland(CA)  beat Len and Lorraine Hitchcock and Don and Myra Wood all from Sun City in the final game. Complete results are shown below. Players are from Sun City unless noted otherwise.

Championship flight

3rd  -  Frank Souza, Harriette Pituley (Sask), Rich Enockson and Anne Van Bastelaere

4th  -  John and Ria Wilson, Hugh Branston and Sandy Souza


2nd flight

1st – Lyall and Chris Adams, Pat Bird(Edmon) and Pat Harrison

2nd – Bruce Mathison, Marlene Cleutinx, Beryl Harrington and Bill Pearson


3rd flight  

1st – Dave and Ann Mathie(BC) and Jan and Stu MacNaughton

2nd – Scott Peterson, Hazel Reid, Mary Wright and Lyle Scheutzle(Paradise Park)


4th flight

1st – Ian Jones(ON), Kerry O’Reilly(QU), Donna Stadnyk(ON) and John Stewart

2nd – Jack Behling, Howard Whitney , Verna and Sue Roth


Keith and Jean Roney   Ivan and Maryna Hyland

Winners of 2010 R Gil Stephan AZ Mixed Rinks



        Jan 12-13 2010  Salisbury Singles        


                            Jurgen Fessler from Ontario won the 2010 Salisbury Singles

With 58 players entered the other results are  as follows:

2nd - Frank Souza
3rd - Pat Bird(ALB)
4th - Leo Dusablon(Paradise Park)
2f-1 Jim Roth
2f-2 Keith Roney (Sask)
3f-1 Bill Pearson
3f-2 Len Hitchcock
4f-1 Scott Peterson
4f- 2 Michele Roth (ON)
5f-1 Gord Fall (BC)
5f-2 Tom Slemco(BC)
6f-1 Rich Enockson
6f-2 David Calam (Sask)
7f-1 Myra Wood
7f-2 Harriette Pituley (Sask)

TZ  Pairs results - Jan 14-16 2010 - 53 teams entered

Sun Citians(also both ON) Hugh Branston and John Wilson won the 2010 Thomson Zivec Pairs

The SCD exec board decided to name co-winners of the Bob Lane award as Bowler of the Week.

Jurgen Fessler didn't bowl his last game. If he had played and won the game he would have been the winner. If he had lost , Keith Roney would have been BOT. So Keith and Jurgen share the award.

Hugh and John had it going all day beating top qualifiers Cary Manns and Steve Bezanson in game 1

and then handling Gord Fall and Steve Smith in the second game. That left the formidable challenge

of facing Bob and son Mike Bester in the final. They fell behind 5-0 early but managed to right the ship

at 8-8. Thanks to a couple good ends they were sitting in the catbird seat with a 5 point lead coming

 home. But the Besters weren't ready to concede the match. It appeared they were lying 6 with Hugh with

1 bowl to roll. His last bowl wrested one of the shots just behind the jack to claim the match.

The other results are as follows:
Players are from Sun City unless otherwise noted
3rd- Steve Smith(CA) and Gord Fall(BC)
4th- Keith and Jean Roney(Sask)
2f-1 Jurgen Fessler(ON) and Charlie Herbert(CA)
2f-2 Ian Jones(ON) and Donna Stadnyk(ON)
3f-1 Terry O'Neil(NS) and Claire Day
3f-2 Ivo and Anne Van Bastelaere
4f-1 Tom and Laurie Roth
4f-2 Joe Dorsch and Wes Hague
5f--1 Bob and Eileen Milsom(Paradise Park)
5f-2 Frank Souza and Harrriete Pituley(Sask)
6f-1 David Calam(Sask) and Mike Wagner
6f-2 Regina Banares and Bob Schwartz(CA)

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