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David                               Jeff



Championship Flight:

1st – David Gardner (s) / Jeff Machan

2nd – Neil Douglas (s) / Dianne Douglas

3rd – Dee McSparran (s) / Chris Adams

4th – Bob Milsom (s) / Eileen Milsom 

2nd  Flight: 

1st – Ron Rollick (s) / Steve Bezanson

2nd – Rodger Green (s) / Laurie Moritz 

3rd Flight: 

1st – Rich Enockson (s) / Scott Peterson

2nd – Alan Brunskill (s) / Ruby Dufeu 

4th Flight: 

1st – Gerry Roliz (s) / Chris Foster

2nd – Wayne Baines (s) / David Shaw 

5th Flight: 

1st – John Duvall (s) / Glenn Weber

2nd – Dick Mollers (s) / John Murphy


Here are the results of the Az Senior pairs after the 2nd day. The bottom 3 teams do not return.

Jeff                              David                  John

What a fantastic game was played for the Championship.  The team of Jeff Machan, John Duvall, and skip David Gardner gave up a 6 on the first end to the team of Bob Perry, Ron Rollick, and skip Bill DesBrisay.  The teams played on and after 14 ends were now tied.  The 2 teams flipped a coin and Dave Gardner's team had last bowl.  The front end of DesBrisay's team rolled their bowls to be 4 up when David Gardner came to the mat with his first bowl, he took the jack to the ditch and lay 4 ft away. Bill then delivered his second bowl which almost stopped but entered the ditch.  David then rolled his second bowl to within 2 ft of the ditch now holding 2.  Bill tried to wick off one of David's bowls but was unsuccessful.  Thus David Gardner, John Duvall and Jeff Machan were the Champions for this year. 
Second place went to Bill DesBrisey, Ron Rollick, Bob Perry
2 games went into extra ends and very close scores between the teams.
Third place (Championship Flight) Frank Souza, Darrell Jones, Bill Hardy
Fourth place (Championship Flight) Jim Foley, Harry Sherman Bob McQueen

Second Flight -  1st place - Rich Enockson, Grant Summers, Scott Peterson
                            Runner up - Anne Van Bastalere, I've Van Bastalere, Jean English
Third Flight -  1 st place - Rick Marinaccio, Jean Roney, Denny Marinaccio
                            Runner up - Dora Stewart, Norm Dickson, John Stewart
Fourth Flight - 1st Place - Hugh Branston, Mike Wagner, Laurie Moritz. Won on extra end
                        Runner up - Leon Dallas, Joe Herber, Cathy Dallas, Joyce Herber (alt)
Fifth Flight - 1 st place - Ruby DuFeu, Steve Bezanson, Lorraine Bezanson
                        Runner up - Reggie Banares, Andre Banares, Frances Shen
Sixth Flight - Winner - Peter Paquet, Dan Bousman, Henri Saucier
The results of the AZ Senior Triples after day 2 are below.


The entries for the AZ Senior Pairs at SC West as of Mar 2 are:

       Skip                                                  Lead
Bill Desbrisay                                             Bob Perry
John Duvall                                               Glenn Weber
Regina Banares                                      Andre Banares
Ron Rollick                                            Steve Bezanson
Mike Johnson                                       Christine Johnson
Hugh Branston                                         Claire Day
David Gardner                                        Jeff Machan
Leo Dusablon                                           Joe Herber
David Smith                                         William Smalluk
Lynn Canivez                                           Geno Sarno
Bob Milsom                                             Eileen Milsom
Jeff Gray                                                  Barry Sundet
Norm Dean                                                Rocky Bria
Jean Roney                                            Jackie Tucker
Alan Brunskill                                           Ruby Du Feu
Bill Wilkinson                                            Ron Bjornson
Rodger Green                                          Laurie Moritz
Dick Mollers                                              John Murphy
Martine Carson                                Chris Filipiak 
Dee McSparran                                  Chris Adams
Gerry Roliz                                         Chris Foster
Rich Enockson                               Scott Peterson
Wayne Baines                               David Shaw
Neil Douglas                 Dianne Douglas