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Jan 21, 2017


George                Jackie                      Bill                   Darrell

The TZ Pairs finished today with our sponsors George and Jackie Tucker winning on Jackie's birthday.

2nd                          Darrel Jones & Bill Pearson

3rd                           Frank Souza & Lawrence Quill

4th                           Rich Enockson & Bob Perry

2nd f-1st          Lyall Adams & Hugh Branston

2nd f-  2nd          Neil Douglas & Leo Dusablon

3rd f- 1st           Jurgen Fessler & Dick Moller

3rd f-  2nd          Reggie Banares & Dee McSparran

3rd f- Challenge       Bob & Rebecca McQueen

4th f-  1st           Leon Dallas & Joe Herber

4th f- 2nd           Keith & Jean Roney

4th f- Challenge       Ivo & Anne Van Bastelaere

5th f-  1st           Bob & Alice Birkinshaw

5th f-  2nd          Larry Collaco & Gerry Roliz  


These are the AZ Rinks teams, Salisbury Singles teams & TZ Pairs teams .

Jan 20, 2017

The 5th and 6th qualifying games were almost all complete before the rain started. on day 2.


Jan 19, 2017

Well it was an "interesting" day for opening day of the Thomson Zivec Open Pairs at Sun City West. As we gathered there

was a light drizzle and the forecast was not good. It also didn't look good for the next 2 days. So it was

decided to play four 10 end games instead of three 14 end games to possibly get 4 games in the 1st day. It rained  

off and on all day but we managed to get 4 games in. Friday we hope to get 2

more 10 end games in to complete the 6 game qualifying. Results are below.


Jan 18, 2017


The last day of the Salisbury Singles at Lakeview had Charlie Herbert defeating Lyall Adams in the championship game.

3rd- Mike Wagner

4th- Jim Roth

2f-1 Sue Roth

2f-2 Rick Marinaccio

3f-1 John Duvall

3f-2 Ron Rollick

4f-1 Steve Bezanson

4f-2 Len Hitchcock

5f-1 Leo Dusablon

5f-2 Gord Fall

6f-1 Claire Day

6f-2 Frankie Napoli

7f-1 Darrell Jones

7f-2 William Smalluk 


Jan 17, 2017

Here are the Salisbury Singles result after day 1 at Lakeview. 



Jan 16, 2017


          Mike    Jean  Keith Rosalie           Bob   Alice   Scott Linda    

The weather was better and the greens at Lakeview were faster. The team  of Keith & Jean Roney, Mike Wagner and Rosalie

Parsons-Brown defeated Scott & Linda Roberts and Bob & Alice Birkinshaw in the final match.

3rd- Neil & Dianne Douglas and Stu & Jan MacNaughton

4th- MaryAnn Beath, Ron Rollick, Ivo And Anne Van Bastelaere

2f-1 Len & Lorraine Hitchcock and Jim & Chris Filipiak

2f-2 Lyall & Chris Adams, Hugh Branston & Claire Day

3f-1 George & Jackie Tucker and Gary & Martine Carson

3f-2 Gord Fall, Maria Ridgeway, Henri Saucier & Sandy Tonnellier

3rd flight challenge- Jim & Sharon Ward, Bob Hill & Elaine Hansen

4f-1 Scott Peterson, Dale Davidson, Lynn & Carol Canivez

 Tomorrow (Tues)-the Salisbury singles will be at Bell and Oakmont


Jan 15, 2017

No rain on the 2nd day at Lakeview but it was c-c-c-cold. Below are the results after the 5 games of qualifying.

All teams return to Lakeview tomorrow.



Jan 14, 2017

On the 1st day of AZ Rinks at Bell LBC we had to deal with the unthinkable- RAIN IN AZ. Dark clouds and the sun

dueled all day and finally at the start of the 3rd game we had to call it quits as the clouds emptied. Soooo... game 3 was cancelled

and we will have a 5 game draw instead of 6 (assuming the weather is good tomorrow).  






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