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Mar 10, 2016

Neil                              Ernie 

Below are the final results of the 2016 AZ Senior pairs.

Championship : Neil Douglas and Ernie Kassian. 2nd place: Steve Bezanson and Ron Rollick
3rd place: Frank Souza and Grant Summers.  4th place: Norm Dean and Wayne Slinn
2nd flight , 1st place: Bruce and Linda Smith; Runners up: Bob and Eileen Milsom
3rd flight, 1st place: Jean Roney and Jackie Tucker. Runners up: Lyall Adams and Hugh Branston
4th flight, 1st place: Rich Enockson and John Duvall. Runners up: Mike and Chris Johnson
5th flight, 1st place: Bernard LaValliere and Elaine Kunzel. Runners up: Pat Cattermole and Pat Wimmer
6th flight, 1st place: Jerry Roliz and Chris Foster. Runner up : Lynn Canivez and Gene Sarno


Mar 9, 2016

Below are the results after 2 days of the 2016 AZ Senior Pairs at Sun City West. Thursday teams will be put in 4 team flights.


Mar 3, 2016


The AZ senior triples teams as of Feb 27are here.

Bob P                           Bill                                 Bob B

Congratulations to Bill DesBrisay, skip, Bob Birkinshaw and Bob Perry for winning the 2016 AZ Senior Triples Championship Flight
2nd place winners:  John Stewart, Norm Dickson and Peter Paquet
3rd place winners:  Bob Milsom, Eileen Milsom, and Jerry Roliz
4th place:  Rick Marinaccio, Frank Souza, and Denny Marinaccio
2nd Flight winners:  Marlene Cluetinx, Mike Wagner, and Laurie Moritz
runners up:  Hugh Branston, Daryl Jones and Chris Foster
3rd Flight winners:  Myra Wood, Don Wood and Drew Bryant
runners up:  Rick Enockson, Keith Hammel and Scot Peterson
4th Flight winners:  Ron Roman, Larry McLellan and Bob McQueen
runners up:  Reggie Banares, Andre Banares and Frances Chen
5th Flight winners:  Dick Mollers, Jeff Gray and Barry Sundet
runners up:  Norm Dean, Rich Ringhofer and Dave Reinertsen
6th Flight winners:  Linda Hawken, Tony Hawken and Jim Filipiak
Many thanks to all the people behind the scenes that made this tournament so much fun and great competition.


Mar 2, 2016

Three teams ran the table at 4-0 for the 2 days of qualifying.

At Bell tomorrow teams will be in flights of 4 except for the bottom 2 teams.





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