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Feb 11, 2016

The 2016 SCD Open Men's & Women's event finished today.

It's a good time to acknowledge all the people who work so many hours of their personal time

to put on the tournaments we all enjoy playing in. Please thank them personally when you get a chance.

Lorraine Hitchcock is the women's events director and is ably assisted by Sharon Mitchell & MaryAnn Beath.

Scott Peterson, our "CFO" takes all the entries for both men's and women's events. After doing this for several years Scott will

be stepping down at the end of the season. Thanks Scott for all you've done! We need to find a replacement.

Larry Strueby has done the computer work for the men's SCD Open and other events. Ron Rollick is the overall men/mixed

director and also helps with the computer work. David Smith handles the TZ Pairs. Bill Wilkinson helps out wherever needed and

was a great help setting up at the Women's Open. Sponge Bob Perry joined the team this year and has been a big help.

Thanks also to the markers(and the people who get them) and other people who help setting up, serving food and cleaning up. 


Charlie                                                                  Rob


Dee                                              Regina

In men's singles, Charlie Herbert beat Rob Behncke to win the event.

3rd- Leo Dusablon     4th -- Keith Roney

2f-1 Max Cavender    2f-2  Bob Birkinshaw

3f-1 Mike Wagner   3f-2 Mark Sandford

4f-1  David Gardner  4f-2  Richard Broad

5f-1 Pat Bird  5f-2  Jurgen Fessler

6f-1  Gord Fall   7f-1 Len Hitchcock

In the women's pairs Regina Banares & Dee McSparran defeated Jean Roney & Janice Bell.

**3rd- Michelle Whitehead & Laurie Roth

4th- MaryAnn Beath & Anne Van Bastelaere

2f-1  Eileen Lancendorfer & Candy De Fazio

2f-2 Melanie Visenor & Alice Birkinshaw

3f-1 Rosalie Parsons-Brown & Joanne Bugler

**3f-2 Frances Shen & Veronica Sum

3f challenge- Cheryl Barkovitch & Betsey Lauryssen

4f-1 Margi Rambo & Eileen Morton

4f-2 Joanne Hedgespeth & Mary Thompson

4f challenge- Marlene Cleutinx & Jackie Tucker

** mother/ daughter teams 


Feb 10, 2016

Below are the 1st day results of men's singles. All the games will be at Bell on Thurs.

The top 32 report by 8:30. Players in yellow report by 9:45. Players in red are eliminated.

Here are the results of the women's pairs qualifying games. The bottom 2 teams do not return.


Feb 9, 2016

Mary Wright                                                               David Gardner        Ron Roman

The women's singles was won by Mary Wright who defeated Claire Day in the final at SC West.

3rd- Alice Birkinshaw   4th- Candy DeFazio

2f-1 Dee McSparran   2f-2 Eileen Lancendorfer

3f-1 MaryAnn Beath  3f-2  Janice Bell

3f Challenge- Anne Van Bastelaere

4f-1  Jean Roney   4f-2  Kim Heiser

4f Challenge- Carol Poto

5f-1 Betty Lauryssen  5f-2 Pat Cattermole

5f challenge- Melanie Visenor

The men's pairs was won by David Gardner & Ron Roman besting Jim Olson & George Peyto in the final.

The greens at Bell were approaching 18 seconds today.

3rd- Jim Roth & Wayne Wright

4th- Rob Behncke & Steve Nelson

2f-1 Steve Bezanson & Leo Dusablon

2f-2 Hugh Branston & Pat Bird

3f-1 Len Hitchcock & Larry Strueby

3f-2 Larry McLellan & Mark Sandford

4f-1 Max Cavender & Gord Fall

4f-2 Rich Enockson & Scott Peterson

5f-1 Bob Birkinshaw & Peter Ritchie

5f-2  Len Wasserman & Howard First

6 f 1 Jurgen Fessler & Mike Wagner

7f-1 Roy Cattermole & John Little


Feb 8, 2016

After the 1st day of qualifying at SC West, the women's singles standings are below.

The men's pairs results are below.

Teams 1 through 32 report to Bell at 8:30

Teams 33 to 40 (in pink) report to Bell at 11:30

Teams 41 to 46(in green) are eliminated.


Feb 7, 2016

          Marlene                               Anne                            MaryAnn                          Jackie

The Women's fours had an 8 game draw. The top 7 teams were:

1st- MaryAnn Beath, Marlene Cleutinx, Jackie Tucker & Anne Van Bastelaere

2nd- Myra Wood, Lorraine Hitchcock, Sharon Mitchell & Denise Marinaccio

3rd- Claire Day, Janet Gardner, Chris Adams & Val Wilson

4th- Debbie Tupper, Joan Bugler, Rosalie Parsons-Brown & Pam Edwards

5th- Cheryl Barkovitch, Eileen Morton, Margi Rambo & Betsy Lauryssen

6th- Jean Roney, Kim Heiser, Janice Bell & Sue Roth

7th- Dora Stewart, Mary Wright, Pat Harrison & Constance Desjardins 

The winners of the men's triples were Charlie Herbert, Frank Souza & Darrell Jones.

2nd- Russ Leonard, Andy Klubberud & Andrew Schuenemann

3rd- Len Wasserman, Howard First & Tony Santos

4th- Lyall Adams, Pat Bird & Hugh Branston

2f-1 Steve Bezanson, Bruce Matheson & Bill Pearson

2f-2 George Ralston jr, Mike Wagner & Laurie Moritz

3f-1 Jim Olson, Phil Dunn & Ed Quo

3f-2 Max Cavender, Jim Cavender & Gord Fall

3f challenge- Keith Roney, Leo Dusablon & David Calam

4f-1 Steve Nelson, Rob Behncke & Ian Ho

4f-2 Ivo Van Bastelaere, Bob Birkinshaw & Ron Rollick

4f challenge- David Gardner, Ron Roman & Jim Muir

5f-1 Rick Marinaccio, Bob Milson & Jim Ward

5f-2 George Tucker, Peter Mauro & David Smith


Feb 6, 2016

The results of the men's triples at Bell on the 1st day is below. Everyone report to Lakeview tomorrow.




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(C) Copyright 2011 SCD - South Central Division of the US Lawn Bowling Association