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Jan 16, 2016

Here are the final AZ Rinks teams, Salisbury Singles teams & TZ teams.

2016 thomson-zivec open pairs results

       Neil                                                           Leo

Championship Flight:

1st – Neil Douglas/Leo Dusablon

2nd – Dave Anderson/Mark Sandford

3rd – Ernie Alfoldi/Laurie Moritz

4th – Jim & Sue Roth 

2nd  Flight: 

1st – Rich Enockson/Marlene Cleutinx

2nd – Regina Banares/Dee McSparran 

3rd Flight: 

1st – Mary Ann Beath/Mike Wagner

2nd – Frank Souza/Darrell Jones

Challenge Round – George & Jackie Tucker 

4th Flight: 

1st – Steve & Lorraine Bezanson

2nd – Bernard LaVallière/Peter Paquet

Challenge Round – Larry Strueby/Sharon Mitchell 

5th Flight: 

1st – Lyall Adams/Hugh Branston

2nd – Jim Foley/Bob McQueen 

6th Flight: 

1st – Peter Ritchie/Brenda Wright

2nd – Dora Stewart/Mary Wright 

7th Flight: 

1st – Adrian Jarreau/Rikki Ricard

2nd – Lynn Canivez/Gene Sarno


Jan 15, 2016

Here are the results after the 2 days of qualifying.


Jan 13, 2016

Below are the results of the 2016 Salisbury Singles.

Championship Flight

        1) David Gardner

2) Jim Roth

3)  Bob Perry

4) Tom Roth 

2nd Flight

1) Mark Sandford

2) Mary Wright 

3rd Flight

1) Charlie Herbert

2) Russ Leonard 

4th Flight

1) Mike Wagner

2) Keith Roney 

5th Flight

1) Steve Bezanson

2) Glenn Weber 

6th Flight

1) Leo Dusablon

2) Pat Wimmer 

7th Flight

1) Rich Enockson

2) Neil Douglas


Jan12, 2016

The opening day of Salisbury Singles was played at Bell, Oakmont and Lakeview.



Jan 11, 2016

                    Regina                            Frank                                             Dee                                  Rich

Regina Banares, Frank Souza, Rich Enockson & Dee McSparran won the AZ Mixed Rinks final defeating

Keith & Jean Roney, Mike Wagner and Rosalie Parsons-Brown. Below are the complete results.

3rd-Lyle & Chris Adams, Hugh Branston & Claire Day

4th- Neil & Dianne Douglas & Stu & Jan MacNaughton

2f-1 Bob & Alice Birkinshaw, Peter Ritchie & Brenda Wright

2f-2 Tom & Laurie Roth & Steve & Lorraine Bezanson

3f-1 John & Jennie Scutt & Jim & Sharon Ward

3f-2 Jim & Sue Roth, Marlene Cleutinx & Leo Dusablon

4f-1 Rick & Denise Marinaccio, Ron Rollick & Pat Harrison

4f-2 John & MaryAnn Little& Erle & Marian Wallace

3rd fl challenge- Myra & Don Wood & Len & Lorraine Hitchcock

4th fl challenge- Jeff & Margaret Machan & Eric & Henriette Ballinger





Jan 10, 2016

The 2016 Az Rinks started on a chilly day at Bell LBC. At Lakeview, the 2nd and final day of qualifying was held.

Below are the results after 6 games. Monday at Lakeview the teams will be put in 8 team flights.


For the 1st day of the Salisbury singles on Jan 12 see the list below.





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(C) Copyright 2011 SCD - South Central Division of the US Lawn Bowling Association