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Mar 12, 2014

Below are the complete results of the 2014 AZ Senior Open Pairs








          Neil             Steve




























Mar 11

Here the AZ Senior Pairs standings after 2 days. Wednesday teams will be put in flights.













Mar 6,2014







Betty                        Joan                       George

Experience prevailed as George Tucker, Joan Cameron and Betty Mayne defeated

Sue Howey, Jean Roney and Rosalie Parsons-Brown in the final of the AZ Senior Triples.

3rd- David Gardner, Jeff Machan and Jim Foley

4th- John Wilson, Mary Wright and Irene West

2f-1 Bernard LaValliere Murielle & Maurice  Beauchamp

2f-2 Scott Peterson, Rich Enockson and Keith Hammell

3f-1 Norm Dean, Rich Ringhofer and Wayne Slinn

3f-2 Marlene Cleutinx, Mike Wagner and Laurie Moritz

4f-1 Bill Wilkinson, Peter Pires and David Reinersten

4f-2 Dick & Joan Mollers and Barry Sundet

5f-1 John & Jennie Scutt and Bill Lang

5f-2  Donald Wood, George Poor and Curt Birkeland


Mar 5, 2014

Below are the results of AZ Senior Triples competition at Lakeview after 2 days.





















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