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Here are the "final"entries for SCD Open Men's Trips, Pairs & Singles .

There are 28 trips, 38 pairs and 48 singles teams.

   Here are the "final" Women's teams   4s, Singles & Pairs . There are 16 4s, 24 singles and 22 pairs teams.









Connor McGowan















Action during the men's singles final. 

Thursday was the final day of the SCD men's and women's open.

The men would like to thank:

 Sun City West for the use of their fine greens.

All the bowlers who came from out of town which makes this a great tournament.

All the markers, kitchen help, setup people and Tom Benstead for umpiring.

All the tournament committee for another great job.

17 year old Connor McGowan from BC put on a display of fine bowling beating Jeff Covell in the final.

3rd- Len Hitchcock  4th- Patrick Duffy

2f-1 Andy Klubberud   2f-2 Chris Davis

3f-1 Mike Wagner  3f-2 Keith Roney

4f-1 George Tucker   4f-2   Todd Wagers

5f-1 Neil Furman   5f-2 Ken Olsvik

6f-1  George Ralston jr   6f-2  Jim Roth

7f-1  Don Caswell   7f-2  Doug Bradley















          Anne Van Bastelaere                                 MaryAnn Beath

The women would also like to thank Bell and Lakeview clubs for the use of their greens and for their hospitality.

The markers who stayed out in the cold and rain deserve a special thank you. The women's tournament

 committee did their usual stellar job even under adverse conditions.

MaryAnn Beath and Anne Van Bastelaere were victorious in a close final match against

Marlene Cleutinx and Jackie Tucker.

3rd Rosalie Parsons-Brown and Irene Webster/Dale Davidson

4th  Joan Cameron and Ann Howland

2f-1 Dora Stewart and Mary Wright     2f-2  Jan Hargraves and Carrie Fossati

3f-1 Jean Roney and Janice Bell   3f-2 Eileen Morton and Margi Rambo

3f challenge - Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock

4f-1 Regina Banares and Dee McSparran

4f-2  Christine Ludwig and Annette Schans


Seven players were 4-0 in the qualifying round for men's singles.
























All 8 women's pairs teams with 3 wins made it to the championship flight for tomorrow.

Regina Banares and Christine Ludwig have a bye and should report to Bell by 11:30.
























Kim Heiser (pictured) won the womens singles for the 3rd time in the last 5 years.

2nd- Mary Wright  3rd- MaryAnn Beath  4th- Dee McSparran

2f-1 Candy DeFazio 2f-2 Rikki Ricard

3f-1 Anne Van Bastelaere   3f-2 Michele Arculli     3f challenge- Sue Roth

4f-1  Myra Wood     4f-2  Jan Hargraves      4f challenge - Alexis Vanden Bos

Women report to Lakeview Wednesday.






               Pat Bird  Ken Olsvik                                       Neil Furman   John Johnson

Pat Bird and Ken Olsvik defeated Neil Furman and John Johnson in the men's pairs final.




















Mother nature decided to rain on the festivities Monday afternoon. The men all completed 3 games and some

started their 4th game. Below is a message from the committee.

The results after the first 3 games are not being posted.  The tournament committee has decided to start play with the continuation of game 4 in the morning.  Those who took their cards home, please remember to bring them tomorrow morning.  We want to get an early start tomorrow so please be at the greens before 8:30 for some quick announcements before play starts.
Some items that we discussed to speed up the play for the flights will be announced by Jim Roth at 8:30 sharp.  Hopefully with those added rules and the fact that we will have our lunch on the run the tournament can be completed by 5:30 - 6 pm.
Thanks for everyone's co-operation under the unusual circumstances that happened this afternoon.  It is felt that there will be less criticism by running the tournament as it was previously announced with a few adjustments rather than cutting out one whole round of play.

The women completed their 4 games of singles and MaryAnn Beath was the only one at 4-0.

(Candy D- no need to report until 8:30)






















Carol Canivez         Jackie Tucker              Sue Roth            Constance Desjardins 

The team of Sue Roth, Jackie Tucker, Constance Desjardins and Carol Canivez repeated as the women's fours

 champions defeating MaryAnn Beath, Marlene Cleutinx, Beryl Harrington and Anne Van Bastelaere in the final.

3rd- Rikki Ricard, Alexis Vanden Bos, Linda Roberts and Carol Poto

4th- Jeanne Christie, Chris Johnson, Jean English, Ann Sherman

2f-1 Jan Hargaves, Dee McSparran, Diana Wilk, Candy DeFazio

2f-2 Melanie Vizenor, Eileen Lancendorfer, Eileen Morton and Margi Rambo

3f-1 Kottia Spangler, Anne Nunes, Robin Olson, Carrie Fossati

3f-2 Lil Davies, Elaine Hansen, Pat Webster and Jennie Scutt

3f challenge- Dianne Douglas, Rosalie Parsons- Brown, Cathy Weiliczko and Donna Law















George Ralston jr         Mike Wagner           Laurie Moritz

The men's triples final saw the team of George Ralston jr, Mike Wagner and Laurie Moritz get

off to a 13-2 lead. After 13 ends the team of Jeff Covell, Todd Wagers and Patrick Duffy had

rallied to trail by 1. Patrick  drew 2 balls very close to the jack but Laurie moved the jack to his bowl and

his team held on for the win.



















The SCD Women's Fours finished the 1st day(Feb 9) with 5 teams at 3-1. The second day teams

will be put in flights of 8. Report to Lakeview on Sunday.










The SCD Men's Triples played at SC West had 2 teams with 4-0 records the 1st day.

The last 4 teams should report by 10:30. All others by 8:30.

































































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