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The SCD Open starts Saturday Feb 11. The men's triples starts at Bell LBC(Hutton and Boswell). The

women's fours is at Sun City West(Meeker and RH Johnson).

Click the hyperlinks to see the women's teams - fours, singles, and pairs.

The men's teams are - triples, pairs, and singles.

Today (Feb 16) the SCD Open was concluded. The women's pairs champions are Regina Banares and Dee

McSparran who beat Jean Roney and Janice Bell in the final. In the men's singles it was an all Northwest

 final.Richard Broad won his match against John Johnson.








Regina Banares and Dee McSparran                                  Richard Broad

 Women's results

3rd-MaryAnn Beath and Anne Van Bastelaere

4th- Sue Roth and Julie Foley

2f-1 Dora Stewart and Beryl Harrington

2f-2 Jan Hargraves and Carrie Fossati

3f-1 Sandy Souza and Elaine Stevenson

3f-2 Rikki Ricard and Jackie Tucker

3f challenge- Debbie Tucker and Pam Edwards

4f-1 Denise Marinaccio and Eileen Milsom

4f-2 Patricia Cronshaw and Mary DeLisle

4f challenge- Shirley Toneff and Jennie Scutt

5f-1 Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock

5f-2 Joan Cameron and Ann Howland

5f challenge- Annette Schans and Sherry Rogers

Men's singles results

3rd- Tony Baer

4th- Neil Douglas

2f-1- Keith Roney

2f-2 Mike Wagner

3f-1 Jim Olson

3f-2- Todd Wagers

3f challenge- Scott Peterson

4f-1 Earl Shaner

4f-2  Jim Rogers

4f challenge-Len Hitchcock

5f-1 Jim Roth

5f-2 Larry Edgar

5f challenge- John Scutt

6f-1  Rob Behncke

6f-2  Tom Roth

6f challenge- Dan Christensen

7f-1  Jim Foley

7f-2  Jon Behncke

7f challenge- Lyall Adams



The 1st day of men's singles was played at Lakeview,Bell and Fairway. 8 players were 4-0.

Of the 56 players, the top 48 return. Numbers 1 to 32 report to Bell and 33 to 48 go to Oakmont.




























The women's pairs had 32 teams at SC West. All return tomorrow. There were only two 4-0 teams.





























Mike Wagner and Jurgen Fessler                                       Dee McSparran

The women's singles final was won by Dee McSparran over Kim Heiser.

3rd-Janice Bell

4th-Cheryl Barkovitch

2f-1  Patricia Cronshaw

2f-2  Jean Roney

3f-1  MaryAnn Beath

3f-2  Candy DeFazio

3f challenge- Elaine Stevenson

4f-1  Regina Banares

4f-2  Mary DeLisle

4f challenge  Rosalie Parsons-Brown

5f-1 Carrie Fossati

5f-2 Jan Hargraves

5f challenge- Sue Roth

In the men's pairs final Jurgen Fessler and Mike Wagner defeated Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza.

3rd -Tony Baer and Charlie Herbert

4th- Ed Quo and Kelly Warren

2f-1 Grant Summers and Scott Peterson

2f-2  Bill Hiscock and Ken Law

3f-1 John Scutt and Bill Lang

3f-2  George Tucker and Earl Shaner

3f challenge- Jack Behling and Bill Pearson

4f-1 Tom Roth David Smith

4f-2  Chris Davis and Doug Bradley

4f challenge David Gardner and Tom Slemco

5f-1 Ivan Hyland and Jim Olson

5f-2 Sam DeLisle and James Cronshaw

5f challenge Peter Paquet and Henry Saucier

6f-1 Neil Douglas and Dave Cox

6f-2 Miguel and Gerry Roliz

6f challenge Dennis Mijhnijmer and Dan Christensen


32 women's singles players bowled four 14 point qualifying games today(Feb 13) at SC West. There were

five with perfect 4-0 records. Tomorrow will be 18 point games.














The 1st day of the men's pairs was held at the new artificial green at Fairway and at Lakeview. With 46

teams entered 5 managed a 4-0 record and 1 was 3-0-1. Tomorrow teams in position 1 to 24 report to Bell.

Teams in position 25 to 40 report to Oakmont( 107th Ave and Oakmont dr). Teams 41-46 get the day off.

The teams at Oakmont that are still in it after 2 games will go to Bell for the final game.

























The final day for men's triples featured several hard fought games. The winners were Keith Roney, Leo Dusablon,and David Calam who were victorious over Rich Enockson, Scott Peterson and Grant Summers.









Jackie Tucker-Carol Canivez-Sue Roth-Constance Desjardins       Keith Roney-Leo Dusablon-David Calam


3rd-Richard Broad, Jeff Covell and Todd Wagers.

4th- Len Hitchcock, Frank Souza and Don Wood

2f-1  Jack Behling, Bill Pearson and Bruce Masterson

2f-2  John Scutt, Bill Lang and Roy Catermole

3f-1 Tony Baer, Lyall Adams and Vince Donohue

3f-2 George Tucker, Dave Cox and Earl Shaner

3f challenge- Tom Roth, David Smith and Norm Dean

4f-1 Ian Ho, Jurgen Fessler and Ryan Neptune

4f-2 Rodger Green, Wray Roth and Ken Chase

4f challenge- Neil Douglas, Stu MacNaughton and Jim Muir

5f-1  Jim Roth, Ron Roman and Jim Foley

5f-2  Jerry Roliz and Eilan Sloustcher

5f challenge- Doug, Sean and Ian McArthur( way to go guys)

Tomorrow all men's pairs report to Lakeview to draw cards. Some will go to Fairway.

 In the women's fours final the team of Sue Roth, Jackie Tucker, Constance Desjardins and Carol Canivez

 defeated Jean Roney, Kim Heiser, Janice Bell and Eva Lee.

3rd-Regina Banares, Myra Wood, Lorraine Hitchcock and Denise Marinaccio

4th- Jan Hargraves, Maryna Hyland, Dee McSparran and Candy DeFazio

2f-1  Marlene Cleutinx, Ria Wilson, Carolynn Doan and Anne Van Bastelaere

2f-2 Dianne Douglas, Jan MacNaughton, Rosalie Parsons-Brown and Donna Law

3f-1 Beryl Harrington, Pat Harrison, Jeanne Christie and Mary Wright

3f-2 MaryAnn Beath, Pat Cronshaw, Brenda Wright and Carrie Fossati


On Feb 11 the men's triples began at Bell. There was a very strong 32 team field resembling a US Open. If

you were looking for an easy draw, Bell was the wrong place to be. There were four 4-0 teams after the

qualifying round. On Day 2 at Lakeview teams will be put in 8 team flights with 1vs8,2xs7,3vs6 & 4vs5.

All games are 14 ends on Sunday.













At SC West, the women's fours, with 14 teams, was played on their very fast greens. Two teams were perfect at 4-0. There will be 14 end games tomorrow.












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