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Here are the SCD Men's and Women's US Singles Playdowns teams .

After 2 days(4 rounds) the singles competition is coming down to the final round  with 3 women and 2 men

still able to win. Sue Sleeper, Joan Cameron and Ann Howland can win or tie tomorrow while Jon Behncke

at 4-0 and Jim Rogers at 3-1 can still be the men's winner.

The final game of the round robin will start  at 8 am Monday at Lakeview.


Todays final game of the round featured Jon Behncke who completed a 5-0 sweep to earn his first trip

to the US Championships. Scott Peterson won his final game to finish in a 3 way tie for 2nd with Jim Rogers

and Don Wood. Scott defeated Don in the first playoff game then bested Jim Rogers to finish 2nd.

In the womens last  game Joan Cameron defeated Sue Sleeper and Ann Howland beat Carol Canivez. Joan

beat Ann in a playoff to win her 1st trip in singles. Diane Denton is the 3rd place winner via a coin flip.















Jon Behncke                                                 Joan Cameron























The Men's and Women's US Pairs Playdowns will be played at Bell starting Friday March 23.

There are 5 women's teams and 7 men's teams. See teams here.

We will be using the North green at Bell for the event.












Frank Souza                Len Hitchcock                    Myra Wood                         Lorraine Hitchcock

The men's round robin concluded Monday morning with 3 teams tied for 1st with 8 win points.

By rule the team with the highest plus points has a bye and plays the winner of the 2 vs 3 match.

The team of Jack Behling and Bill Pearson beat Rodger Green and Don Wood in the 1st playoff game.

On Tuesday at 8:30 Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza will play Jack Behling and Bill Pearson to

determine the men's pairs team from the SCD to go to San Diego.

A nice crowd gathered on Tuesday to watch the men's pairs final playoff game. Len and Frank

jumped out to an early 9-3 lead after 6 ends. Then, with Jack looking at 3 down, he blew up the head and

 counted 2 . Inspired by the shot they proceeded to tie the game 9-9 after 9 ends. The next 4 ends

saw single points traded to get to 11-11 after 13. Then Bill and Jack scored a 1 and 2 to go up 3 with 3 to go.

Len and Frank were able to manage 1 on each of the final 3 ends to square the game and force an extra end.

Jack won the toss and gave Frank the mat. They played a long jack. Frank trailed the jack and stayed 6"

diagonally in front on his 2nd bowl 4 or 5 feet from the ditch. One of Bill's and 1 of Frank's bowls were

blocking the preferred hand and Jack had  several good tries but ultimately Len and Frank held on

to win the hard fought game.

1st-Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza

2nd- Jack Behling and Bill Pearson

3rd- Rodger Green and Don Wood

Below are the final results after round robin play.

The final match of the Women's round robin featured two 3-0 teams. Myra Wood and Lorraine

Hitchcock defeated Joan Cameron and Ann Howland to earn the right to go to San Diego

as the defending US Women's pairs champions.


















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