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"The kid" did it again. Octogenarian Wray Roth added the 2012 AZ Senior Open Pairs crown to

his prior Triples win to complete a sweep of the Senior events. Teammate Ian Halkett provided

some fine bowling also to spark the finals win over Bob Milsom and Jim Muir.








Bob Milsom       Ian Halkett                 Wray Roth           Jim Muir


















The 1st AZ Senior Open Pairs was started Mar 12 at Sun City West. Here are the teams.

After the 2nd day of qualifying there are two 4-0 teams.






















Bob Malpass           Eileen Malpass                Wray Roth

The 1st AZ Senior Open Triples concluded Friday.The team of Regina & Andre Banares and Gene Sarno made

 a charge at the end but fell short against Wray(the kid) Roth, Eileen(the Diva) Malpass and Bob(the Bionic

 man) Malpass. Here are the final results.

1st- Wray Roth,Eileen and Bob Malpass

2nd - Regina and Andre Banares and Gene Sarno

3rd- Jack Behling, Marlene Cleutinx and Malcolm Harrington

4th- John and Dora Stewart and Beryl Harrington

2f-1  - Pete Davies, Bob Milsom and Mike Ayling

2f-2  - John and Jennie Scutt and Chris Krogh

3f-1  - Pat Harrison, Arlene McGinn and Bill Wainwright

3f-2 - Jerry Hobbs, Kathleen Nesbitt and Marilyn Bryant 


The AZ Senior Open Triples has 12 teams entered and is being played at Lakeview & Bell March 7, 8, 9.

Here are the teams

With 2 days complete, below are the results going into tomorrow's final day.









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