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2012 Salisbury Singles Winner                           2012 Thomson Zivec Pairs Winners

Steve Bezanson                                     Hugh Branston and John Wilson

For a list of the TZ Pairs teams click here.  Three greens were used at SC West and 1 green at Lakeview(1st 2 days).

On the final day of the Thomson Zivec Pairs the greens were fast and the wind was gusting at times. The

championship game was another thriller. Jim Roth and Frank Souza were ahead by 3 with 2 ends to go.

Hugh Branston and John Wilson got a 4 to go 1 up coming home. Frank and Jim tied it up forcing an extra

end. The lead changed back and forth until Hugh drove the jack to the ditch for the winning shot.

Complete results are below.

1st- Hugh Branston-John Wilson

2nd- Jim Roth-Frank Souza

3rd- Jurgen Fessler-Pat Bird

4th- Bruce Mathison-George Boxwell

2f-1- Keith and Jean Roney

2f-2-Neil and Dianne Douglas

3f-1-Dan Christensen-Leonard Wasserman

3f-2-Cary Manns-David Anderson

4f-1-Regina Banares-Dee McSparran

4f-2-Rich Enockson-Don Wood

5f-1-Terry O'Neil-Steve Bezanson

5f-2-George and Jackie Tucker

6f-1-Len and Lorraine Hitchcock

6f-2-Marlene Cleutinx-Josephine Lee

7f-1-Norm Dean-David Smith

8f-1-Irene and Jim Webster 


TZ Pairs standings after the 2 days of qualifying
















On the 2nd and final day of the Salisbury Singles at Lakeview, there was a lot of good bowling on display. Steve Bezanson had a very tough game against defending champ Terry O'Neil. Then in the 2nd game he drew the shot on the last bowl to win the semifinal 8-7. Then in the final match Steve again had a tough match to beat Len Wasserman 8-7.


Here are the complete results.

1st-Steve Bezanson

2nd-Len Wasserman

3rd- Charlie Herbert

4th- Wray Roth

2f-1-Lyall Adams

2f-2- Terry O'Neil

3f-1- Jarred Gorsuch

3f-2 -Mike Wagner

4f-1 -Bill Desbrisay

4f-2- Tom Roth

5f-1- Jean Roney

5f-2- Leo Dusablon

6f-1- Neil Douglas

6f-2- Jerry Knott

7f-1-Scott Peterson

7f-2-Mary Wright 


The 2012 Salisbury singles began on Jan 17 with 50 players using 4 greens-Bell(2),Lakeview(1) and Fairway.

For the 1st day bowlers played 5 games. The format was 1 point for each end won and the first to win 7 ends wins. The teams are put in flights on day 2. Players finishing in the top 16 start at 10am

on Wed. Players 17 to 48 report by 8:30am for bowling. Here are the 1st day results.

Look at the right column for your position from 1 to 50.

























2012 R. Gil Stephan AZ Mixed Rinks Final Results

        Rosalie Parsons-Brown                         Mike Wagner                                                Jean Roney                                      Keith Roney

Championship Flight
1. Keith Roney, Jean Roney, Mike Wagner, Rosalie Parsons-Brown
2. Lyle Adams, Jarrod Gorsuch, Pat Harrison, Chris Adams
3. Rodger Green, Dale Davidson, Diane Denton, John Stewart
4. Doug McArthur, Irene Webster, Sean McArthur, Anne Nunes

Second Flight
1. Mary Ann Beath, Scott Peterson, Mary Wright, Jim Muir
2. Pete Davies, Bob Milsom, Lil Davies, Eileen Milsom

Third Flight
1. Hugh Branston, John Wilson, Ann Howland, Ria Wilson
2. Gary Fischer, Regina Banares, Andre Banares, Dee McSparron

Third Flight Challenge
Jack Behling, Bill Pearson, Marlene Cleutinx, Josephine Lee
Charlie Herbert substituted for Bill Pearson on final day.

Fourth Flight
1. Tom Roth, Michelle Whitehead, Mary Burns, Bob Malpass
2. Ernie Alfoldi, Jackie Tucker, George Tucker, Margaret Cooper

Fourth Flight Challenge
Pat Bird, Peter Souza, Sandy Souza, Sue Howey

Fifth Flight
Robb Pawlak, Dora Stewart, Beryl Harrington, Jerry Knott


Day 2-AZ Rinks

After the 1st 2 days of qualifying here are the results. Teams are put in 8 team flights except the last flight which has 4 teams. 3 games are possible on the last (3rd) day at Lakeview. Team 1 vs 8,2 vs 7,3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 in each flight on Monday. 











Day 1

The 1st tournament of 2012 got off to a great start at Bell LBC with the 1st day of the AZ Rinks. The greens were fast and there was a lot of good bowling to be seen. Many spectators came by to watch the proceedings.

Bell president Amy Heidebrink along with help from Kim Welsh, Doris Peters and others served up a fine selection of snacks for the bowlers. Here's some pictures of the action. Play the next 2 days is at Lakeview.



Our Superbowl week starts Sat Jan 14 with the AZ Rinks at Bell.

For Salisbury Singles reporting location - click here .

It will also be posted at all Sun City clubs by Jan 12.

Here are the Az Rinks teams.



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