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Anne Van Bastelaere and Len Hitchcock were named SCD bowlers of the year(2010)-pics

Thomson Zivec winners picture

The 1st day(Jan 13) of the Thomson Zivec Pairs at Sun City West ended with 5 teams at 3-0.

The last 3 games of qualifying will be tomorrow.

Here are the results after qualifying. The top 40 teams return for the final day.

On the final day with the greens running at least 14 seconds there were several close and exciting games. Mary Ann Beath and Mike Wagner were not to be denied defeating 3 tough teams to win the event. The teams were Jack Behling/Bill Pearson, Frank Souza/ Harriette Pituley and Steve Smith/ Gord Fall. The results are as follows:

1st- Mary Ann Beath(Buckeye)/ Mike Wagner

2nd- Steve Smith(CA)/ Gord Fall(CAN)

3rd- Hugh Branston/ John Wilson

4th- Frank Souza/ Harriette Pituley(CA)

2F-1- Gary Fischer(CA)/ Andre Banares

2F-2- Len Hitchcock/ Lorraine Hitchcock

3F-1- Jim Rogers/David Reinersten(both SCWest)

3F-2- Ivo and Anne Van Bastelaere

3F Challenge- Jim and Tom Roth

4F-1- Terry O'Neil/ Steve Bezanson(both CA)

4F-2- Grant Summers/ Scott Peterson

4F Challenge- Janice Bell/ Nancy Nishakawa(both WA)

5F-1- Dora Stewart/ Irene Webster

5F-2- Bill Hiscock/ Olga McCord(both CA)

5F Challenge- Jan and Stu MacNaughton

6F-1- Art and Kathy Wieliczko(both CA)

6F-2- David Braim and Laurie Moritz(both El Mirage)

6F Challenge- Sandy Souza/ Howard Whitney


Salisbury winners picture

On Jan 12 the  2011 Salisbury Singles concluded at Lakeview with several one point games.

There were 56 players from the US and Canada. Players are from Sun City unless noted otherwise. The championship game between Todd Wagers(WA) and Terry O'Neil(CAN)was tied 7-7 with the winner of the next end becoming the champion. Todd came up just a little short of drawing the shot on his last bowl and Terry prevailed. Todd has only played for 2 or 3 years and impressed us all with his bowling skills. The other results are below:

3rd- Dee McSparran(CA)

4th- Len Hitchcock

2F-1  Don Wood

2F-2  John Wilson

3F-1 Jurgen Fessler(CAN)

3F-2 Jim Roth

4F-1 Keith Roney

4F-2 Wray Roth

5F-1 Jerry Knott(CA)

5F-2 Regina Banares

6F-1 Bill Hardy

6F-2 Lorraine Hitchcock

7F-1 Tom Roth

7F-2 Art Weiliczko(CA)


Here are the results of the Salisbury Singles after  day 1 qualifying on January 11 at Bell, Oakmont and Lakeview greens.


AZ Mixed Rinks(2+2) -Saturday Jan 8, 2010

After the 1st day of the rinks at Bell LBC, there were 4 teams 3-0 and 4 teams 2-0-1. Tomorrow at Lakeview LBC will be the last day of qualifying.

The 2nd day was completed with no teams at 6-0, although the team from the Northwest division is 5-0-1.
The teams will be put in flights the final day with 1vs8, 2vs7,3vs6,4vs5 etc.

The AZ rinks concluded at Lakeview on Monday January 10. The greens are starting to speed up as they dry out and there was some fine bowling on display. In the final game the team of Len and Lorraine Hitchcock and Don and Myra Wood (pics)won for the 3rd time defeating Jack Behling, Bill Pearson, Kottia Spangler and Marlene Cleutinx. The complete results are below. Players are from Sun City unless otherwise noted.

3rd- Grant Summers, Mary Ann Beath(Buckeye), Scott Peterson and Mary Wright
4th- Gary Fischer(CA), Andre and Regina Banares and Dee McSparran(CA)
2F-1 Frank Souza, Harriette Pituley(CAN), Rich Enockson and Anne Van Bastelaere
2F-2 Hugh Branston, John Wilson, Jan MacNaughton and Ria Wilson
3F-1 Jim ,Tom, Laurie and Sue Roth
3F-2 Steve and Lorraine Bezanson (CAN) and Bob and Jeanne Christie
3F challenge- Lyall and Chris Adams, Pat Harrison and Leo Dusablon(Paradise Park)
4F-1 Dora Stewart, Andrew Wagner(CAN), Larry Grayson(SCWest) and Mary Burns
4F-2 Arlene McGinn, Richard Bruce, Ann Howland and Laurie Moritz(EL Mirage)
4F challenge - Len Rice, Howard Whitney, Sue Howey and Kathleen Nesbitt

To see the R Gil Stephan AZ Rinks players click here ,Salisbury singles, click here, and TZ Pairs players click here .

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