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Congrats to Diane and Grant


Diane Denton                                                     Grant Summers

On the final day of the men's singles the round robin finished with Grant Summers and Bill Pearson both at 4-2.

Grant prevailed in a 21 point playoff to win the men's singles with Bill 2nd.

Thank to all the markers helping with the singles.

This concludes another great season of competition in the South Central Division.


Play continued on the 3rd day - Diane Denton went 5-0 in the round robin to capture the SCD women's singles playdowns.

Joan Cameron defeated Sue Sleeper in a playoff for 2nd place.

Things got exciting in the men's singles with 3 players tied for 1st with the other 4 players tied with 1 win less.

Tomorrow in the final round Dave Reinertsen will face Grant Summers. The 3rd player tied for 1st (Bill Pearson)

will be bowling Don Wood.


After the 2nd day Diane Denton and Bill Pearson were the only undefeated players.

Tomorrow the women have 1 more game and the men still have 3 rounds to play.


The 1st day of the SCD singles playdowns(April 1) was a hot one at Bell LBC. Diane Denton and Kathleen Nesbitt are 2-0

leading the women's singles.  Bill Pearson and Grant Summers are 2-0 while David Reinertsen   is 1-0 in men's singles.

Sue Sleeper had to withdraw due to illness and Ann Howland was credited with a win due to a forfeit. The score was

the average winning and losing score for that round. One man has a bye in each round.



Grant Summers defeated Bill Pearson in a playoff game.


There are 6 women and 7 men entered. There will be two 21 point games each day.

 The singles playdowns will all be at Bell April 1-4. To enter you must be a US citizen, this division must be your

home club and you must be willing to go to Seattle Aug 23-29 if you win(or if the winner(s) is unable to go).

You can only enter the playdowns in 1 division in any year. The pairs winners can't enter singles.



                 Myra Wood               Lorraine Hitchcock                Len Hitchcock                 Frank Souza

The final day of the men's pairs playdowns featured a well played match with the team of Rick Marinaccio and Jim Rogers

jumping out to a lead of 8-1 after 6 ends over Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza. Gradually the momentum

changed and Hitchcock and Souza managed an 18-13 victory to win the men's pairs.

Both men's and women's singles will be held at Bell starting Friday April 1.


Play continued on the 3rd day. The top 2 teams met in the 1st game with Len Hitchcock and Frank Souza

defeating Grant Summers and Scott Peterson. Those 2 teams have clinched at least 2nd place.

Hitchcock and Souza must win their final game to win the playdowns. Summers and Peterson have

finished their round robin play. Play will begin at 9am.


Day 2 is complete. Congratulations to Myra Wood and Lorraine Hitchcock who will be going for the 4th time as the

SCD women's pairs representative to the US Championships. The men's field was reduced to 6 teams as Jack Behling

was unable to continue. All games that they played will not count. Grant Summers and Scott Peterson head

the field with a 3-0 record heading into the 3rd day.


After the 1st day of the 2011 pairs playdowns at Lakeview, one men's team and 1 women's team

has an unblemished record.

The SCD pairs playdowns teams are here



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(C) Copyright 2011 SCD - South Central Division of the US Lawn Bowling Association
(C) Copyright 2011 SCD - South Central Division of the US Lawn Bowling Association
(C) Copyright 2011 SCD - South Central Division of the US Lawn Bowling Association