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Click here to see the Roberta Lane 4s and Bob Lane Triples teams.

Roberta Lane Fours Winners                                       Bob Lane Mixed Triples Winners

Ernie Alfoldi,Rick Marinaccio,Roberta Lane,Jim Rogers,Denise Marinaccio          Bill Pearson, Roberta Lane, Jack Behling,Marlene Cleutinx    

Here are the final Bob Lane Mixed triples results.

1st-Jack Behling,Bill Pearson,Marlene Cleutinx

2nd-John Wilson,Jan & Stu MacNaughton

3rd-Frank Souza,Jim & Sherry Rogers

4th-Len and Lorraine Hitchcock, Jon Behncke

2F-1 MaryAnn Beath, Grant Summers, Scott Peterson

2F-2 Ernie Alfoldi, Larry Grayson, Diane Denton

3F-1  Don Wood, Rodger Green, Myra Wood

3F-2 Jim, Sue and Verna Roth

4F-1  Neil and Dianne Douglas, Vera Eddy

4F-2  Janice Bell, Richard Kreuger, Russell Leonard

5F-1  Pat Harrison, Mary Wright, Bill Wainwright



The final results of the Roberta Lane Open Fours are

1st-Rick and Denise Marinaccio, Jim Rogers and Ernie Alfoldi

2nd-Jim, Sue, Wray and Verna Roth

3rd- Frank Souza, Grant Summers, Anne Van Bastelaere and Sherry Rogers

4th- John and Ria Wilson, Stu and Jan MacNaughton

2F-1st-Len and Lorraine Hitchcock, Don and Myra Wood

2F-2nd-Peter Davies, Bob Milsom, Mike Ayling and Doug Morrison

3F-1st- Hugh Branson, Lauri Moritz, Ken Degenhardt and Mary Burns 

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