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                      SCD Annual Meeting Dec 12, 2014-details

The Bill Weaver Men's Pairs starts Saturday at Bell-report by 8:30. Here are the teams.

The Cy Stephan Women's Pairs starts Saturday at Oakmont-report by 8:30. Here are the teams.

Dec 7, 2014

Dee McSparran & Regina Banares                          Charlie Herbert & Brian Stewart

Regina Banares & Dee McSparran won the Cy Stephan Women's pairs held at Oakmont & Sun City Grand.

Charlie Herbert and Brian Stewart were victorious in the Bill Weaver Men's Pairs held at Bell & Lakeview.

Complete results are below.

2nd-Dianne Douglas& Cathy Dallas

3rd- Rosalie Parsons-Brown & Sue Roth

4th- Myra Wood & Lorraine Hitchcock

2f-1  Mary Ann Beath & Anne Van Bastelaere

2f-2 Henriette Ballinger & Margaret Machan

3f-1 Joann Cameron & Ann Howland

3f-2 Laurie Roth & Karen Heagle

For the men:

2nd Leo Dusablon & Mike Wagner

3rd Jim Roth & Bill Pearson

4th Jon Lansdowne & Jim Muir

2f-1 Rich Enockson & Don Wood

2f-2 Neil Douglas & Don Chabot

3f-1 Len Hitchcock & Larry Strueby

3f-2 John Scutt & Ernie Alfoldi

4f-1 Jeff Machan & Eric Ballinger

4f-2 John Little & Erle Wallace

Dec 6
The Bill Weaver Men's Pairs results after the 1st day are below. One team went 4-0.

Two teams went undefeated on the 1st day of the Cy Stephan Women's Pairs.


Nov 15, 2014
The team of Peter Pires, Bob & Sharon Perry defeated Rodger Green, Laurie Moritz & Jean English
to win the 2014 Bob Lane Mixed Triples.

3rd- Mary Ann Beath, Mike Wagner & Russ Leonard
4th- John & Jenny Scutt & Roy Cattermole
2F-1 Jon Lansdowne, Sandi Mitchell & Jim Muir
2F-2 George Ralston jr, John & Dora Stewart
3F-1 Bill Wilkinson, Rich Ringhofer & Karen Heagle
3F-2 Scott Peterson, Grant Summers & Mary Wright
4F-1 Jim & Sue Roth & Frank Souza
4F-2 Norm Dean, David Reinertsen & Mary Guenther
5F-1 Lyle Schultzle, Bob Wilson & Pat Cattermole
5F-2 Ron Rollick, Leon & Cathy Dallas

Nov 14, 2014

Bob Lane results after 2 days.











Nov 13, 2014

Here are the teams.

The greens didn't disappoint on the 1st day of the Bob Lane Triples at Sun City West.


At the National Championships November 5-8 at Sun City Center, FL, Regina Banares & Jackie Tucker won

the Women's pairs. Lorraine Hitchcock finished the round robin 5-2 and was part of a 4 way playoff for 1st.

She lost her first game in a close match. Frank Souza & Darrell Jones were 4-3 to finish 3rd in men's Pairs.

Len Hitchcock was 4-3 to finish 3rd in men's singles. The SCD team had the highest team total with 38 points.

Here's a picture of the Magnificent Six.









Final Results 2014 NAC 


























Meet the participants. Click here


$Monday will begin Oct 20. Tags in by 12:15 at Lakeview. The Welcome Back party will be Nov 3.


All new entry forms and the Bowls USA dues form will be available online about Oct 27.


Lyall Adams is on the fours team that won Provincials in Alberta.

Mary Wright and Anne Van Bastelaere bowled on the BC women's triples team that won Provincials.

Good luck at the Nationals.


Congratulations to Jean Roney upon winning the Canadian Women's Singles Championship.

Chris Adams lost in the bronze medal game.

Keith Roney won the silver medal in the Men's Singles.


Mar 25, 2014 







The winners of the Singles events of the SCD playdowns are Len & Lorraine Hitchcock. 


Mar 20, 2014








Frank             Darrell                                                  Jackie             Regina

The 2014 SCD Pairs winners are Darrell Jones and Frank Souza and Regina Banares and Jackie Tucker.






















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